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Top ten speed traps in Denver

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Update below: Almost exactly a year ago, Alan Prendergast shared a post featuring the top five speed traps in Denver -- a roster culled from the most recent entries on Speedtrap.org.

Now, it's time for an update. Below, see interactive graphics of the ten latest speed traps as chosen by users of the site, complete with their descriptions of why you should hit the brakes as you approach them. Check out the full list below.

10. Just west of University on Speer Boulevard

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Photo radar van on the grass next to the right lane.

9. Green Valley Boulevard (48th) between Telluride and Yampa

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School zone, see cop 50% of the time mid afternoon. Not so much in the morning. (sits on a street, not yet named, but between the stoplights in front of the school (Telluride) and the street going into McDonalds. (Yampa)

Continue counting down the top ten speed traps in Denver. 8. Pena Boulevard just before/after 40th Avenue

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Just before/after 40th Ave (driving South and North on Pena respectively) there is an "emergency vehicle" turn around area. Cops are there intermittently, facing either direction. More so as of late.

7. Santa Fe northbound approaching I-25

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A dark blue photo radar van is parked on the left side of the road behind orange barrels in the work zone. This speed trap is often set up after evening rush hour and is hard to see at night. Speed limit rapidly drops from 45 to 35 to 25 within about 100 yards. The photo radar is often there when workers aren't present, so just another revenue generator.

Continue counting down the top ten speed traps in Denver. 6. Monaco and 38th

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Northbound DPD radar with motorcycle ticketer.

5. Auraria Parkway and Pepsi Center

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The police sit at the bottom of the ramp exiting from I-25 heading eastbound into the city. They sit at the first traffic light and clock you going down the hill as you have already accelerated to exit. Speed limit is 40 down the ramp.

Continue counting down the top ten speed traps in Denver. 4. Broadway and Yale

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Photo radar speed trap at the beginning of the road construction, where the speed limit changes to 25 mph.

3. 17th Avenue along City Park

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The city just lowered the speed limit and made it a safety zone so the fine is doubled.

Continue counting down the top ten speed traps in Denver. 2. Martin Luther King east of Xenia

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Stapleton complained about speeding so the city lowered the speed limit based on "design speed" or sight distance or something. And there's a safety zone.

1. 56th Avenue east of Quebec

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It is a 'work zone" with a temporary 30MPH in a normally 40MPH- with double fines. The issue is that the lowered speed limit signs are in violation of the national MUTCD standard that requires the speed limit signs- even temporary ones- be posted at 7 feet above ground level. The speed signs here are no more than 14" above the ground, rendering this trap completely illegal. Denver and Federal municipal codes require that when the traffic regulating devices (signs) are not properly placed, you CAN NOT be given a ticket. Anyone who gets or who has gotten a ticket at this location can easily and successfully have this ticket dismissed if given when these signs are incorrectly placed.

Update: Just heard from a Denver Public Works spokeswoman about the claim above that the speed limit signs in this area violate national MUTCD standards. She emphasizes that the signs have been double-checked and they are in full compliance with regulations. So anyone who thinks they'll get out of a ticket by making this argument should think again....

More from our News archive circa September 2011: "Top 5 biggest speed traps in Denver."

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.