Tour "Denver's Best City Penthouse" — Yours for Just $10.7 Million

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Coldwell Banker recently named Denver the nation's top power market for luxury homes, with Chris Mygatt, the president and CEO of Coldwell Banker-Colorado, specifically citing apartments located downtown, plenty of which clear the $780,000 mark the firm uses to separate truly luxurious abodes from the merely pricey.

A new unit for sale in the Four Seasons building, at 1133 14th Street, clears this barrier with plenty of space to spare. It's going for $10,750,000 and is being touted as "DENVER'S BEST CITY PENTHOUSE!" Take a photo tour here.

Four Seasons Private Residences Denver tops out at 45 stories and offers a selection of one- to three-bedroom apartments. Unit 4450 falls into the latter category. Its 6,295 square feet contain three bedrooms, five bathrooms, two 373-square-foot balconies, a media room and a wine cellar, not to mention views that are absolutely jaw-slackening.

"Welcome to the Top of the City!" the listing exclaims. "There is not now, nor will there ever be, another residence quite like this in Denver."

How literally should such hyperbole be taken? Well, unit 4400, dubbed "DENVER's GRAND PENTHOUSE," in the same building, is for sale, too, and it's both larger (6,786 square feet) and more expensive ($13 million). Its listing states, "Here’s your chance to own the Best. The Best Now. The Best Ever."

Obviously, both apartments can't be the best. But they're plenty close enough.

Continue to eyeball a sampling of photos showing the apartment and the view, followed by the Four Seasons description of unit 4450 . Click to see the original listing.

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