Travis Masse-inspired dating tips for teachers attracted to students: Kenny Be's Worst-Case Scenario

Many teachers could keep themselves out of the news (as former Broomfield High staffer Travis Masse failed to do) by following these simple teacher-student dating guidelines...

Tip #1: Don't be secretive. Secrets will only get you into trouble, and the lies will only complicate your other relationships. Be open and honest. Invite your student's family over to your house to have dinner with you and your spouse.

More about nude teacher pics below:

Tip #2: If you must mix work with pleasure, do like the teacher in the picture above and date a student from another school -- preferably during summer vacation. A cross-district romance helps teachers avoid gossip and accusations, as well as the distraction of "homeroom itch." Tip #3: Most importantly, avoid sending sexy photos of yourself in e-mail or text messages, even if you are a proud exhibitionist. Such pictures have a way of moving quickly over to Facebook and then on to more lurid websites like Ratemysleazyteacher.com.

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