Big mugs below.
Big mugs below.

Twenty most memorable mug shots of February 2012

This month's mug shot roundup features arrestees at the center of an uncommonly wide range of offenses -- from an alleged cell phone thief/reseller to Jeremiah Barnum (pictured), a convicted hate criminal shot to death by police.

See the entire collection below, and be sure to click on the links below to read our original coverage.

Read more in "Nyesha Hall-Gonzalez, suicidal mom, allegedly left her two-year-old in a field to die."

Read more in "Will Pericak, CU Buffs starter, allegedly starts fire in bar, f-bombs, chest bumps staffer."

Read more in "Josiah Sher: Death for accused hit man, or just very expensive trial?"

Read more in "Paul James Kerr, ex-KinderCare teacher, admits abuse check was for sexual gratification." Page down to see more of February's most memorable mug shots.

Read more in "Carl Gruber, busted at Boulder airport with 55 pounds of marijuana, is renowned pilot."

Read more in "Kevin McGregor gets life without parole in murder of Todd Walker."

Read more in "Brian Trumble, music teacher, allegedly waited years before starting to molest student."

Read more in "Michael Clark, accused in Marty Grisham murder, bonds out of jail on DUI charge." Page down to see more of February's most memorable mug shots.

Read more in "Nicholas Athanasiou, ex-prosecutor, among eighty busted in massive cocaine ring."

Read more in "James Bradley, charged in hammer attack on cop, likely paralyzed."

Read more in "Barbara West, 73, accused of being getaway driver for burglary, leading police chase."

Read more in "Jesus Armenta busted in Federal Boulevard hit and run that caused second crash." Page down to see more of February's most memorable mug shots.

Read more in "Stephan Mitchell wants reward for finding lost cell phone, gets arrested instead."

Read more in "Kenny and Kathleen Sanchez neglect case: Three-year-old weighed just nineteen pounds."

Read more in "Hassan Mayo allegedly sold woman to another pimp for $400."

Read more in "Samuel Govea, shackled sex offender, busts out of hospital by dismantling bed." Page down to see more of February's most memorable mug shots.

Read more in "Lupo Solazzo pleads guilty for bizarre shooting spree involving 350 rounds, 100 cops."

Read more in "Photos: Synthetic marijuana bust near East High: Spice, cash seized."

Read more in "Jeremiah Barnum, convicted hate criminal, dead in officer-involved Walgreens shooting."

Read more in "Perrish Cox, ex-Bronco, goes on trial today for sex assault, fathering child of his rape victim."

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More from our Colorado Crimes archive: "Nadine Montoya sentenced to life in prison plus extra 32 years for Burger King hit-and-run."

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