Twenty most memorable mug shots of March 2012

The photography models featured in our March mug shot roundup found themselves before the camera for a wide variety of crimes, ranging from the weird (the embalmer accused of pawning gold teeth) to the shocking (a man thought to be Colorado's most prolific serial killer). Check them out below, and click on their names or the links below to read our original coverage.

Read more in "Adrian Kline, funeral home embalmer, indicted for pawning dead people's gold teeth."Read more in "Jimmy Fleetwood, accused of pulling gun on driver, having hard time adjusting to city life."Read more in "Alonzo Paige charged with first-degree murder after surrendering in Springs double homicide."
Read more in "Paulo dos Santos Silva accused of flying to Grand Junction to molest four-year-old."Page down to see more of our twenty most memorable mug shots of 2012.Read more in "Randy Keesee, habitual criminal, gets 224 years for casino robbery, attempt to shoot cop


Read more in "Robert Engles accused of hilarious escape attempt to dodge bar bill


Read more in "David Tarver gets 88 years to life for molesting his own children -- and more."Read more in "Dennis Foust allegedly left elderly mom lying in her own waste for five days."Page down to see more of our twenty most memorable mug shots of 2012.Read more in "Vincent Groves may have slain 24 women: Colorado's most prolific serial killer?"Read more in "Alicia Martinez murder: Did Edward Romero chop up some body parts in a blender?"Read more in "John Burrell second soldier busted in Virgil Means killing near motorcycle club."Read more in "Michael Nuanes, Denver cop, busted in domestic violence beef involving Justin Bieber doll."Page down to see more of our twenty most memorable mug shots of 2012.Read more in "Erick Perez, five others, sentenced for setting fourteen-year-old on fire."Read more in "Paul Staffin allegedly pulled pellet gun on kid playing tag: Get off my lawn!"Read more in "Brooke Mueller, Charlie Sheen's ex, gets deferred sentence for coke possession, tantrum."Read more in "Daniel Kim accused of punching infant son hard enough to crack his skull."Page down to see more of our twenty most memorable mug shots of 2012.Read more in "Joshua White allegedly knocks down pair with SUV, then drags man 150 feet."Read more in "Adam Raszynski not-guilty verdict in death of mom freaks out previous stalking victim." Read more in "Valerie Harris, accused serial animal abuser: Homes sought for rescued survivors."Read more in "Mack Meade's alleged weapons used against bicyclist: spit and a machete."

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