Twit of the Week Ef Rodriguez to view Twitter "with cool resentment" for the rest of 2010

Ef Rodriguez has been among our most popular-ever featured Twits. But today, he's not that happy with the service that's made him a must-follow.

Why? As he explains in this Huffington Post blog, Twitter has introduced a new "local trends" feature to a select number of users, allowing them "to see which topics are most popular among the people in that area." But when he tried to use this trendy addition to get the Mile High scoop, he discovered that Denver isn't among the fifteen communities in the spotlight. Texas logged three cities, Colorado zero.

Will Denver boycott Twitter because of this slight? "Of course not -- there are far more worthy things to complain about," Rodriguez concedes. "But will we eye Twitter with cool resentment for the rest of 2010? Yes. A thousand times, yes."

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