Twitter Tuesday: artbyNemo, our featured Twit

Our featured Twit this time out was one of the few who drew several nominations from people other than himself -- he's really quite popular.

(Granted, he did nominate himself, because, like everyone on Twitter, he likes to self promote).

You can find him on Twitter as artbyNemo, and, it turns out, he's quite a talented artist as well. Read why you should follow him, and learn how you can not only see his artwork, but influence it in 140-character bursts, after the jump...

@DenverWestword - Justify your following. Why should people follow you on Twitter?

artbyNemo: to get an insight to what a professional artist does and you never know what tweet i'll tweet

@DenverWestword: What brought you to Twitter?

artbyNemo: I kept reading about it in blogs as a good way to get more readers and I needed readers for my young blog, about a year ago

@DenverWestword: What do you tweet about usually?

artbyNemo: I should say my "art" but its more just going back and forth with people BSing, I do post progress pix of what im drawing

oh and you can find my progress drawings at #artupdate

@DenverWestword: You mentioned once you get inspiration for art from Twitter -- what's that about?

artbyNemo: I ask questions about colors or subjects or ideas and they give me another way to looking at what im doing

@DenverWestword: What keeps you busy offline (aka in real life)?

artbyNemo: my art, I am a full time artist and I try to work about 12 to 15 hours days and thats pretty much it

we just revamped the art by nemo site

@DenverWestword: Open tweeting: A chance to say something funny, clever or just to convince doubters to follow you: GO!

artbyNemo: ummmm... boobs and poop hahaha and im still gonna draw a cover for you guys

@DenverWestword: Awesome. Any last tweets before we let you get back to whatever you do when you aren't being interviewed via Twitter?

artbyNemo: I love all my tweets and thank you @DenverWestword

Got favorite Twit we should feature? Maybe that's you? Follow us at @DenverWestword, tweet to us why they/you should be followed and we'll be in touch.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.