Twitter Tuesday: Feel good, learn stuff, lean left

Back again with more great Twits to follow for your burgeoning Twitter feed. As always, follow us at @denverwestword, @cafewestword, @westword_music and @casciato.

@Gaiam: The Twitter feed of Boulder-based company Gaiam, which makes "products for a healthy mind, body, home and planet." The firm's three-person Twitter team tweets contests (win a composter!), and links to content like their recent yoga guide and other stuff perfect for your Earth-friendly, health-conscious lifestyle. You don't even have to be a hippie to enjoy it, although that probably helps.

@zsazsa: If you're in Colorado and make or market stuff online -- websites, social-media ventures, podcasts -- you had better know Kit Seeborg. She goes to all the Tweetups, knows the right people and, best of all, is super-friendly and approachable. Her Twitter stream is full of links to useful stuff and great observations and tips for people involved in tech-oriented ventures. Everything from links to cool analytics tools to user-interface design observations for disabled users. It's not all busines, though. A few weeks following her and you'll feel like she's an old friend.

@DavidSirota: Liberal/nerd blogger and writer David Sirota maintains a bustling Twitter stream full of fun stuff. Sure, if you're conservative, a lot of it is guaranteed to make your blood boil and your head explode. But right now, isn't everything happening in the country having that effect on you? Liberals will love his take-no-prisoners approach to politics, Republicans and right-wingnut conspiracy theories. He's also not afraid to take on liberal leaders when he feels they aren't up to snuff. And regardless of your politics, everyone can appreciate his nerdtastic tweets on TV and movies (likes Mad Men, looking forward to V) and links to stuff like the list of the most evil computers in the movies.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.