Twitter Tuesday: Inaugural Twitpoll edition

We've been doing the Twitter Tuesday thing long enough to fill your feed up with some interesting Twits -- so we've decided to open things up a bit and have some fun. We're harnessing the power of the Internet's latest and greatest darling to answer the big questions in life, starting with the hottest question in Denver: Has the Broncos 3-0 start sold you on Coach McDaniels, or are you still on the fence? Plenty of professional sports yakkers are already crying "Sold!" -- but what say you, Twitter-people?

Note: answers appear in all their 140-character glory, exactly as we received them, so all errors are sic. Some people Tweeted twice to respond, and we put them both in because we understand -- we get a little verbose sometimes ourselves.

@ClaireV04 - Not yet. The REAL season starts now. I hope they do well!

@fullcircle_mel - FENCE!

@CJ_Powell - Coach=Great. Personnel=jury's still out.

@Irant - No - McDaniels may eventually be a good coach, but his ability to lead & manage a team of 20-somethings started disastrously - His ego's too big and his maturity is too low, and that's his biggest problem right now

@ManeRok - NO b/c righteously they should be 2-1 with a loss to Cincy. Need to see what it looks like by week 8.

@OnlyInBoulder - I've been impressed with Coach McD's skills since day12,I also think he thrives under neg. pressure (so [email protected] naysayers) - Did some *googling* & liked his background in coaching/quarterback,& could see that huge chip on his shoulder from Bldr:)

@jdscott - Optimistic about the Broncos start. Will be convinced if they win 2 of next 3. McDaniels has surprised me...

@twodogszk - On the fence because I was expecting more hoodies and terrible press conferences.

@voteforgrant - this has silenced me as a critic of McDaniels because it's clear that I know nothing about football.

@Denveratlast - NOPE!

@Kevin5280 - Three victories against Cincy, Cleveland and Oakland don't sell anything. A record above 8-8 and I might be convinced.

@ralphie303 - Broncos won't finish any worse than 8-8, which is what I predicted at the beginning of the season. Dawkins is incredible!

@mkymke - they should b 3-0 cinci browns and the raiders but will c if they r for real by the next 8 games cause there all great teams - JM is a good coach were winnin games we should win!!! but lets c if we can win games were that peole count us out of!!

@benrice23 - Still on the fence. Tough part of sched. coming up.

@gbellcolorado - I'm sold on McDaniels - definitely a good hire, although I still think it's unlikely they'll make the playoffs this year

@ColoSportsDesk - I was sold on Josh McDaniels before the 3-0 start! Go Broncos!!!

@blackwidow696 - I am still on the fence, only because I loved Shanahan as coach. I am very happy that the Broncos are 3-0!

There you have it: Many of you are still adopting a wait and see attitude, a few have been convinced and a few say they knew it all along. (Sure you did. Me, too...) There was less venom than I expected for McD, so apparently those three wins have at least softened some stances. Feel free to use the comments to weigh in yourself if you didn't get a chance to tweet your thoughts, or suggest another twitpoll for us. And thanks to everyone who participated.

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