Twitter Tuesday: Lauren Cook, our featured twit

This week, we asked actual twits why we should follow them. And among the many, many amusing responses we got, the tweet by Lauren Cook (@laurencook) took the prize for its timely nods to two great figures in western history. Find out what she tweeted to sell us, as well as what she tweets regularly about and why -- all in 140-character bursts, after the jump.

Westword: Justify your following

@laurencook: I should be your featured tweeter because I don't interrupt like Kanye, I speak the truth like Gandhi (In honor of his bday)

(Editor's note: Like there was any way we could resist a Kanye joke combined with a nod to Gandhi on his birthday. Well played.)

Westword: How did you come to Twitter?

@laurencook: My friend told me about Twitter a little over a year ago (she had gone to SXSW where it had debuted). My 1st thought? LAME.

Westword: What's your favorite thing to tweet about?

@laurencook: Breaking Colorado news and the weird/crazy things that the Internet creates every this: (link removed, helpfully embedded below)

Westword: That is awesome. Finally, open tweeting: Last chance to say something to convince the doubters to follow you: GO!

@laurencook: Although I'm a CO native, I don't have that damn bumpersticker on my car. And Twitter is like this: (link removed, picture embedded below)

There you have it! Follow @laurencook and, of course, @DenverWestword. And please feel free to bomb us with @replies explaining why you should be our next featured twit. We can't wait to see what you come up with.
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