One woman got props from Punky Brewster via Twitter!
One woman got props from Punky Brewster via Twitter!

Twitter Tuesday: Meta Twitpoll edition

This week we decided to go a little meta with our Twitter poll.

See, we know what Twitter has done for us (shameless self-promotion, convinced us that we needn't put on pants to "socialize" with strangers, taught us to think in 140-character bursts). But we decided to use it to ask you fine people what value you've gotten out of the service. So we did. And a dozen of you answered the tweeted call.

Read the responses after the jump.

@AJVicens: Real-time info on subject's I'm interested in, also points out how a lot of what people say is trivial and meaningless.

@thinkmotive: It helps us keep in pretty close contact with people around town and fans of our work. We read news, too.

@KimberlyP: It helps me feel more in touch with my friends & family who live far away cuz I get the day to day minutiae I usually miss.

@Cailining: Twitter has been awesome for me! It helped me get a photog job with your find paper. Gotten free concert tix, bar tabs, etc

@jayyeater: I've learned more in the past 6 months of Twitter than I have throughout my bachelors and masters courses

@defconqueso: Twitter links me with inspiring people, news, impromptu creative exercises, all-you-can-eat discourse (for better or worse)

@trashwire: Twitter helped us find new writers for and connect to readers

@AlexisGentry: twitter opened up the online community for Phoenix Suns fans to be able to connect and chat during games

@mizzle: What has Twitter done for me? Well, I can now take perfectly succinct notes. Oh, and "Punky Brewster" said I rocked.

@artbynemo: everything i have done with my art here all came from twitter

@ManeRok: Twitter has gotten me into that new?

@michaelsalamone: I'm disappointed. I've slept with 27 of my Facebook friends, but none of my Twitter followers. Unless you count masturbation to your avatars

Didn't get a chance to weigh in? Leave us a comment on what Twitter has done for you, and make sure to follow us @DenverWestword for lots of great tweets, polls and more.


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