Twitter Tuesday: New media in Denver

Back again with more great Twits to follow for your burgeoning Twitter feed. As always, follow us at @denverwestword, @cafewestword, @westword_music and @casciato.

@ChannelMassive: Gaming is rapidly becoming one of the main pastimes of our society. And since most mainstream media still just doesn't get it, you need smart, savvy folks to tip you off to the scene. Smart, savvy folks like the fine people of Channel Massive, a group of locally based podcasters who just released their 100th podcast last week. Sign up to their Twitter feed (which is very personable, by the way), download a bunch of back episodes and pretend you've been a fan since the beginning. It will earn you some nerd cred when the Geek Revolution is complete.

@CauseEqualsTime: Denver is blessed with some pretty good music bloggers, and Julio Enriquez is among the best. His blog, Cause=Time, is a great place to find out what's hot in the world of hipster music (aka indie rock), both locally and on the national stage. Likewise, his Twitter feed fills you in about what's hot on his blog, and also what he thinks on topics as diverse as football (unimpressed with Brett Favre's return, weird seeing McDaniels on Broncos sideline) and the new Mike Judge movie (he thinks it looks hilarious).

@Vista_TV: TV over the Internet is a regular thing these days, and Vista TV delivers some interesting looks at Denver (their tagline is "Denver Lifestyle Television") via the net at their website and over more traditional means (Comcast channel 19). Their Twitter feed has got everything from contests to solicitation of story ideas, discussion of the weather and links to new content.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.