Twittering up a nice, frothy beer

These days, the Twitter backlash is powerful and vociferous. Today, a colleague of ours coined a new term -- "twate" -- which means, "To have disdain for anything having to do with Twitter." But while there are many, many uses of Twitter that are worth, ahem, twatting, we've discovered one local example we have no problem standing behind: Using Twitter to make beer.

That's right: Fort Collins-based Odell Brewing Company has created a TwitterBrew by letting followers of its Twitter page suggest the beer design from the ground up. The result is a 7-percent-alcohol Schwarzbier with deeply roasted malts and a dry-hops aroma that will go by the Twitterer-coined moniker Blackbird (Get it? Blackbirds "tweet").

There's only one thing left to decide: the beer's tap-handle design. Odell's taken eleven submissions from local designers and created an online poll to determine the winner. Vote for your favorite, then head up to Odell's brewery at 800 East Lincoln Avenue in Fort Collins this Saturday from 12 to 6 p.m. for the TwitterBrew release party. Don't worry, Luddites: You won't have to Twitter there, just drink lots of beer.

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