Tyler Mayle, R.I.P.: Windsor resident turned BYU student found dead in Utah

Ever look through photos of a person gone before his time and wish you'd gotten a chance to meet him, because the pics make it crystal clear how much fun he must have been?

That's the reaction most people will have to perusing the images below of 22-year-old Tyler Mayle of Windsor. Mayle, a student at Brigham Young University, disappeared the better part of a week ago -- and after an extensive search, he was found dead yesterday, the apparent victim of a climbing accident.

As noted in an article published yesterday by The Digital Universe, a BYU publication, Mayle was a communications and political science major who worked at the campus radio station.

He was also a practicing Mormon who'd completed a two-year mission in Germany -- an adventure documented by many of the photos on his Facebook page.

His younger sister, Hailey, age seventeen, was scheduled to enter missionary training yesterday -- and Tyler was supposed to pick her up at the airport the night before. However, he didn't respond to his mom's text and Facebook messages for a couple of days, raising worries among his family members. They ultimately contacted authorities, who learned that Mayle had set out for a day-long hike on Y Mountain at 10:30 a.m. on Saturday and hadn't been seen since then.

While many of the photos shared by Mayle are goofy, one on his Facebook page speaks to his deep love of nature:

The caption on this image, posted May 4, reads, "My greatest moments of peace have been found in the tops of the mountains."

Searchers hoped for the best -- but as 7News reports, his body was found at about 8:30 p.m. last night at the bottom of a sixty-foot cliff.

Our condolences to Mayle's friends, family and loved ones. Look below to see photos of Tyler we hope will lift their spirits, as well as the aforementioned 7News report.

Continue for more photos of Tyler Mayle. Continue for more photos of Tyler Mayle. Continue for more photos of Tyler Mayle.

The 7News report:

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