Union Station construction: ColorRail files to stop it -- again

Last week, we noted that the Colorado Rail Passenger Association didn't like the fact that the

new-and-improved Union Station

was finally

starting to be built
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, since the advocacy group is still awaiting the results of a

lawsuit they filed last May

that demanded officials consider at other permutations for the construction.

To drive home their point, the association filed for a restraining order last Wednesday to cease all work until their legal case is wrapped up.

Last Friday, a federal judge refused to issue that order -- although ColoRail Board President Ira Schreiber says the denial was based on a technicality. That's why the group filed a slightly tweaked restraining order yesterday. "Both parties want this expedited," says Schreiber, who thinks the judge should rule on their new restraining order possibly later today or tomorrow.

As soon as we hear the results of this latest wrinkle in the ongoing struggle to rebuild Union Station, we'll let you know.

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