Update: Cops trying to search anarchist headquarters

At about 12:30 p.m. today, police officers showed up at the UnConventional Action Convergence Center near 44th Avenue and Brighton Street, a space the anarchist group has rented as a staging ground for its Democratic National Convention protest activities that's approximately a hundred yards from the Denver Colisieum, where Rage Against the Machine and other bands are playing this afternoon.

Activists say that three members of the anarchist group were on a dirt lot in back of the facility, painting large banners to be used in a protest march this afternoon being organized by the Iraq Veterans Against the War, when a police vehicle pulled up. Officers pointed to the PVC piping and bricks being used to hold down the banner for painting, then arrested two members of the group and took them away. Police also detained several other individuals as they exited the rear door of the building.

The police then asked to have access to the space but were denied. When Westword and other members of the media arrived at the scene, the police said they were attempting to attain a warrant to search the building.

Police have not yet arrived with a warrant, and all but four of the officers have left the scene. They confiscated the PVC piping,the bricks -- and the banner.

-- Jared Jacang Maher

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