Update: Evie Hudak will resign Colorado Senate seat

State senator

Evie Hudak

will resign, as Fox 31's

Eli Stokels first reported this morning.

In the process, she will save her district the cost of a recall election, save Colorado Democrats from losing their Senate majority, and save Coloradans a week more of the rancorous actitivites that have bedeviled the northwest Denver suburbs since the recall Hudak campaign geared up again in October, after Senate President John Morse and senator Angie Giron had lost their seats in September recall elections in Colorado Springs and Pueblo, respectively.

The news is so momentous that Peter Boyles has stopped his annual Thanksiving Day parade to discuss this development.

In all the accusations hurled against Hudak -- that she's a tool of the education union (and has the donations to prove it), that she spends way too much time on Facebook, that she was insensitive to rape victims -- her opponents never used the most damning one.

Hudak once worked for Westword, as our listings editor three decades ago. That was long before Facebook, before recall elections became the most popular weapon in the disgruntled electorate's artillery. And she did a fine job, as I recall, although she resigned it much faster than she will apparently resign her state senate seat. But then, the post was even less desirable than an-under fire political spot.

Earlier this morning, Stokels had reported that Hudak would make it official next Wednesday -- the day after the December 3 deadline to turn in recall petitions.

But this morning, Hudak submitted her letter of resignation to the Secretary of the Senate (see it below). And at 10:30 a.m., supporters will gather in the plaza by the Arvada Library -- a frequent site of Hudak recall skirmishes -- to honor Hudak.

Hudak Resignation Letter

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