Update: Is there a movement to free biking champ/accused pot broker Missy Giove?

Today's Denver Post story about onetime biking champ and former Durango resident Missy Giove, who's been charged by federal authorities in relation to the seizure of about 400 pounds of marijuana in New York state, doesn't qualify as breaking news. The bust took place in mid-June, and the Post was unable to reach Giove for comment. Nevertheless, the story of this enigmatic competitor proved intriguing, as did the credit on a photo of the seized weed. The latter read, "Courtesy of freemissy.com."

Wha? Turns out freemissy.com is less a website than a single page featuring the pot photo, the mug shot seen here, the slogan, "Your #1 source for MIssy Giove pot bust T-shirts and merchandise," the promise, "E-store coming soon," and an e-mail link. So... is the site an effort to support Giove in her time of trouble, and perhaps to aid in her legal expenses? Or sheer exploitation? I sent a message asking these questions, and will update this item when and if I get a response. In the meantime, though, the "Free Missy" campaign seems stuck in lower gear.

Update, 8:57 a.m.: Just received a reply to the note sent to the person behind the freemissy.com site, identified as "stikman." The response reads:

I don't think we are going to carry through with it. The site has had an unreal amount of shitty traffic... and yours is the 3rd e-mail in a month about it. People don't give a shit.

Oh well.

The Free Missy campaign stuck in lower gear? Sounds more like the kickstand is down.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.