Vandalism at the Colorado Democratic Party HQ: The story gets even dumber

"Is Alleged Colorado Democratic Party Headquarters Window-Smasher Maurice Schwenkler a LIBERAL Activist?," a Jared Jacang Maher blog published yesterday, pinpointed some contradictions in a story that was originally framed as an example of anti-healthcare-reform loonies on a spree. Schwenkler, it seems, had received payment last November for election work on behalf of a progressive 527 group whose donors included super-libsTim Gill and Pat Stryker -- and his listed address is at the former home of the Derailer Bicycle Collective, a lefty group previously profiled by Maher circa 2006. Moreover, the owner of the home is an activist who's been involved over the years with groups such as Potters For Peace -- not exactly a GOP spin-off.

The latest tidbit to surface about Schwenkler: According to records obtained by the St. Paul Pioneer Press, he was busted for unlawful assembly during last year's Republican National Convention in Minnesota. And it's a good guess he wasn't rallying for the beatification of John McCain.

Schwenkler is due in Denver County Court today, but he's mondo-unlikely to reveal his motivations during the hearing -- which leaves the revved-up blogosphere (of which we're a proud part) to speculate. Is he a bike-pedaling radical who came up with this dopey scenario to make healthcare haters look bad, only to have the entire scheme come crashing down like plates of glass? Was he paid to hammer the headquarters by the sort of well-heeled advocates who'd previously employed his services? Or is he a deep-cover Republican operative who secretly nurses a deep hatred for a public-insurance option? Dunno -- but with even a proud progressive like Denver Post columnist Mike Littwin making sport of Schwenkler, one thing's certain: This is one plan that didn't go as planned.

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