VH1, Crocs and Boiling Snot

The American public has a love-hate relationship with Colorado's own Crocs -- but let's focus on the hate, shall we?

The folks at cable's VH1 have had a great deal of success with nostalgia-fests such as I Love the 70s, I Love the 80s and I Love the 90s, in which comics and minor celebrities alternately salute and diss trends of the past -- so much so that they didn't even wait for the current decade to end before creating a series that looks back on it. I Love the New Millennium, which aired June 23-26, hashed over the years 2000 through 2007, and in last night's 2006 edition, panelists ripped into Crocs with relish, with the highlight being a memorable reference to fiery mucus.

Frankly, some of the material barely passed muster. For instance, grating-voiced stand-up Gilbert Gottfried argued that rubber shoes should only be worn by Ken dolls or G.I. Joes. But kudos to Simon Doonan, creative director of Barneys, who painted a vivid picture of his loathing for the footwear. "I would rather jump in a river of boiling snot than wear Crocs," he said.

Hard to argue with that logic. -- Michael Roberts

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