Video: Marijuana smell at Colorado Capitol prompts order to "douse all the doobies"

Those of you who think Colorado legislators know absolutely nothing about marijuana were proven wrong earlier this week, when what's been described as a strong smell of pot permeated the State Capitol. Hence, a unique order in the annals of this august body: "If the Sergeants would please douse all the doobies in the area." See the video here.

The person who issued this edict was John Morse, who's no less than the Senate President.

Clearly, the folks over at 7News have a nose for stories, since they're the ones who revealed the distinctive aroma, which reportedly wafted through the Senate chambers on Wednesday morning.

Who was responsible? Could it have been stealthy weed advocates who thought their arguments might be strengthened if they were underscored by a certain aroma? Marijuana-reform haters counting on outrage from legislators offended at the besmirching of the hallowed hall? Lobbyists taking puffs of courage before launching into another vote begathon? Or perhaps politicians in need of a little relaxation amid the high stress of the session?

Unfortunately, we don't have an answer for you, and neither does 7News, which ended its item with the line, "There's still no word on the source of the smell." But when Morse mentioned aloud what everyone was thinking about, his fellow lawmakers laughed heartily rather than calling out the drug-sniffing dogs.

Progress? You be the judge. Here's the clip of Morse delivering his bon mot:

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