Video: Merry Christmas from Occupy Denver

We would present this without comment, but we're not ready for the repercussions. It has been a busy December for Occupy Denver, whose three-month anniversary is tomorrow: thirteen arrests in Loveland, nine at Civic Center Park, fires, Tebowing, a fake death, homeless heckling and a (failed) attempt at a federal injunction against the City and County of Denver. It only makes sense, then, to mark the three-month anniversary with a holiday music video. Right?

You can take the time to imagine what an Occupation Christmas video would look like, or you can just watch it below. The project, it turns out, includes a trip to Walmart, the same store whose distribution center the group protested on December 12. Lyrics include "It's our best Christmas ever / sleeping on the streets / cause now I feel / completely free." In the video, a musician in a Santa hat and an Occupy Denver hoodie skateboards down Broadway playing an acoustic guitar.

Watch the full music video here:

To place this in context, the video was uploaded to YouTube just hours before the occupation's most recent raid by police, a time when Christmas at Occupy Denver might have seemed a little merrier -- and a little warmer. Shots show the two men who make up the Occupy Forever Band, Pete McNeill and Max Vajra James, jamming econo in the middle of all of the cardboard structures removed as encumbrances earlier this week.

According to their online bio, "We're those guys who hang around and serenade you at Occupy Denver." And they're jolly.

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Kelsey Whipple
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