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Video: Nugget JaVale McGee's awful play turns him into Deadspin star

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During the Nuggets' embarrassing loss to the third worst team in the Western Conference on Saturday, JaVale McGee added a ridiculous highlight to Deadspin's collection of mostly awful (but sometimes great) feats. Oh, did we forget to mention that Deadspin has an entire section dedicated to the boneheaded hilarity that is JaVale McGee? Well, it does. "That's So JaVale" chronicles all that the NBA's most unintentionally hilarious athlete has to offer.

The new Nugget is 24 going on nineteen, so he has a fairly impressive catalog of moronic plays, which are exacerbated by the expression he often wears afterward. The look seems to say, "Yeah, I know that was dumb, but I did it anyway and I will probably do it again, because I'm JaVale McGee."

The JaVale face was on display this weekend after he committed a ludicrous goal-tend on Golden State's Andris Biedrins. This was the beginning of a sequence Deadspin titled "JaVale McGee In 60 Seconds Goaltends, Misses A Dunk, Falls Down, And Has A Shot Blocked Into His Face."

That pretty much tells the story, but the video clip on view below is more efficiently titled "JaVale McGee Can't Do Anything Right." The sequence starts with the goal-tend, which leads the commentator to utter an exasperated "wow." Although he shouldn't be surprised. Egregious goal-tending is kind of McGee's thing.

Well, one of his things. Another McGee hallmark follows: a terrible missed dunk. For a guy who once dunked two balls in two separate hoops and has a seven-foot-six-inch wingspan, McGee misses a lot of dunks. Saturday night's version was a rather simple put-back that looked well-within his reach.

Back on defense McGee fell down while inexplicably chasing an entry pass out near the three-point line. No real damage was done and his poor defensive position allowed him to leak out down the court after the Warriors missed a long jumper.

Andre Miller rewarded him with a three-quarter-court pass, which McGee caught under the basket. That was followed by an up-and-under move, after which McGee had Biedrins right where he wanted him: in position to block his dunk attempt into his face, and out of bounds. Warriors ball.

While McGee's lanky frame is useful on the court, when he does something clumsy -- like running into another seven-foot human -- it looks extra goofy.

For irony's sake, the entire time McGee was doing his McGee thing on Saturday, ESPN's broadcast duo were trying to make the case for the Nuggets re-signing the restricted free-agent -- and McGee can get revenge tonight when the Nuggets plays the Warriors at the Pepsi Center. That, and McGee's mom thinks he's the coolest kid in school.

Below is McGee's Saturday night lowlight.

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