Video: Rachel Maddow on Colorado and personhood in presidential race

Colorado has become a virtual co-star on Rachel Maddow's nightly MSNBC show. A week ago, she suggested that the Michael Bennet-Ken Buck 2010 senate race provided a road map for the Obama campaign. And last night, she used the state to frame her argument that Mitt Romney running mate Paul Ryan's mondo-conservative views about personhood would be a major drag on the ticket.

As Maddow notes at the segment's outset, Colorado voters soundly rejected personhood measures, which would have established life as beginning at the moment of conception, in both 2008 and 2010. But the supporters of the measure are still trying to land it on the 2012 ballot.

Maddow slightly exaggerates their odds of success: Backers turned in 112,000 signatures when 86,000 are needed, but given that invalidations for other proposals have recently been in the 40-to-50 percent range, there's a good chance it'll fall short this time. But she's correct that the Obama camp would likely welcome its presence, since Ryan is among the driving forces behind making this rather unpopular policy U.S. law. And plenty of Colorado politicians running for federal office, including Mike Coffman and Joe Coors are treating personhood like the Toxic Avenger this time around.

See the Colorado-centric report below.

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