Joey Chestnut with a mouth full of Illegal Pete's. A video and more below.
Joey Chestnut with a mouth full of Illegal Pete's. A video and more below.

Video: See Joey Chestnut Eat 14 Pounds of Illegal Pete's Burritos and Not Die

Turns out Joey Chestnut is as good at eating burritos as he is at slamming down hot dogs.

Chestnut is best known for having won the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest over and over and over again.

His 2014 victory marked his eighth straight triumph.

But Chestnut is no one-food pony, as he proved last night following a Denver Outlaws game at Sports Authority Field.

The food was provided by Illegal Pete's, as seen in this Denver Outlaws Twitter shot:

The competitors even included Outlaws player Michael Simon — but Chestnut crushed the competition.

In just ten minutes, Chestnut stuffed down nineteen burritos.

That translates to approximately fourteen pounds of food.

For his trouble, Chestnut earned $2,500, as seen in this Illegal Pete's re-tweet from the Major League Eating account:

Afterward, Chestnut characterized his win as a nice warm-up for the next Nathan's contest, which is slated to take place on July 4.

With luck, all the burritos will have worked their way through his system by then.

Here's a 9News video of the gastronomic mayhem.

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