Video: Teen arrested for bomb found near "high-traffic area" at Centaurus High School

Update: Earlier this morning, we told you about a pipe-bomb-like device found at Centaurus High School in Lafayette yesterday. It was successfully retrieved and detonated.

We also noted that authorities were focusing on a male person of interest in the case. Now comes a report that a sixteen-year-old boy has been arrested in the case. His name has not been released. See our previous coverage below, including photos and video.

Original post, 6:27 a.m. May 14: As if a Rangeview High employee's accidental shooting of a student wasn't concerning enough, here's school news that's at least as worrisome, if not more so.

A pipe bomb was discovered near what's described as a "high-traffic area" at Centaurus High in Lafayette. And last night, authorities confirmed that it was more than just a faux-explosive. It could have done real damage had it not been disarmed by the bomb squad. Photos and video below.

A teacher reportedly found the device -- described as being similar to a pipe bomb -- inside the school at around 8:30 a.m. yesterday. It's said to have been in a brown paper bag.

The Boulder County bomb squad was soon dispatched to the scene and the school was evacuated, with full dismissal following. The explosive was successfully retrieved by a robot about three hours later and detonated. Last night, authorities told CBS4 that the device was a "real" explosive, presumably capable of causing real injuries or worse.

At this writing, police are apparently focusing on a person of interest in the case -- a male student at Centaurus. No names have been released thus far.

Initially, students were told they had to leave their cars in the Centaurus parking lot, but they could pick them up later in the evening. Then, during the afternoon, they were informed that the vehicles had to stay in place overnight. They remain there this morning. Yet school is scheduled to take place as normal, and no extracurricular happenings seem to have been canceled, as underscored by this tweet and accompanying photo from 7News' Eric Lupher:

Thus far, there's been no significant social-media backlash to the decision to open the school today -- the last week of classes, according to CBS4. But counselors will be on hand to assist any students understandably freaked out by yesterday's events.

Here's a report about the incident from 7News.

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