Video: The Wall Creeper makes the news

Evildoers better watch out. The Denver crime fighter who calls himself the Wall Creeper is everywhere -- and that now that includes the evening news. In the above news clip from Cincinnati, Ohio station WLWT, Cincinnati superhero Shadowhare takes center stage -- but the Wall Creeper gets a cameo. The video, which is also posted on CNN and Colorado 9News' websites, talks about the "Allegiance of Heroes," the crime-fighting crew to which Shadowhare belongs, a group that apparently also now includes the Wall Creeper. That's why the video includes a quick photo of the Wall Creeper someone must've found online (since they weren't about to get the reclusive Colorado hero himself to step in front of the camera). It's an interesting piece, but here's a tip for the newscasters: Unless you want to find yourself on the wrong end of Pennsylvania superhero Ecliptico' tazer gauntlets, you'd better stop misspelling his name as Aclyptico.

To find out the full story behind the Wall Creeper and his masked colleagues, check out Westword's super-duper tell-all, "The astounding adventures of the Wall Creeper, Colorado's own superhero."

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