Video: Tim Tebow wins Best Moment ESPY for Broncos-Steelers TD, inspires love/hate

Last night's ESPY awards were a reminder to Broncos fans about the bizarre nature of the Tim Tebow era. He appeared multiple times in the friggin' intro (including a brief Tebowing montage), was the first athlete on the stage (for a gag with host Rob Riggle), returned to be the initial athlete presenter (alongside ex-Boulderite Jessica Biel) and accepted the Best Moment award from Lindsay Vonn, linked to him via (false?) romance rumors.

That Vonn was asked to give out the Best Moment bauble wasn't coincidental: Given that the fans vote for ESPY winners, everyone at the network had to know Tebow would win for the overtime pass to Demaryius Thomas that defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers in a January playoffs game. Yes, strange as it might seem, that shocking victory happened just six months ago.

After Vonn commemorated The Chosen One's victory by trying to Tebow in a too-tight dress that prevented her knee from getting anywhere close to the floor, Timmy (joined by a silent Thomas, who seemed happy to be the focus of something other than the lawsuit an alleged rape victim filed against him and ex-Bronco Perrish Cox) stepped before the microphone and immediately thanked his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. (Has anyone tried turning that line into a drinking game?) He then paid tribute to DT and his former Broncos teammates, even asking Peyton Manning (who appeared in a touching tribute to retired Tennessee basketball coach Pat Summit) to take care of them.

It was a classic Tebow moment -- the kind of humble, selfless display that makes him impossible to despise for many, if not all, of us. But when he walked away, there was a certain relief in knowing the Tebow Show is currently playing in New York, not Denver. Better to watch the spectacle from afar than to wonder if he'll ever complete 50 percent of his passes.

Check out the moments before and after his Best Moment below.

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