Videos: CSU Bottle-Tossing House Party Break-up Follows Playboy Party School Top Ten

Once upon a time, CU Boulder was a staple on the Playboy top party schools list. This year, however, the Buffs were skipped over in favor of CSU, which has made headlines for lotsa out-of-control bashes in recent years. The latest took place Saturday night, with law enforcers saying attendees at a house party tossed bottles in their direction, prompting aggressive action -- and possibly tear gas -- to help shut things down. Photos, videos and details below.

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The mother of all recent CSU parties took place at the Ram's Pointe apartment complex in 2011. Thousands attended and arrestees included two CSU football players. Here's a video from that scene:

Cut to April 2013, when another house party resulted in police use of tear gas and flashbangs. Here's a clip from that get-together:

On Saturday night, the tradition continued near Blevins Court and South Whitcomb Street, not far from the CSU campus -- an area not exactly unknown for such sprees. According to the Fort Collins Coloradoan, police responded in force to a smaller party on Blevins back in April that blossomed into a 200-person "mob."

The Coloradoan estimates that 300 to 400 people were on hand for Saturday's happening. As for the pre-police activites, the website Brobible shared two video, with the first showing a pro-CSU chant....

...and the second highlighting obligatory "Fuck CU" declarations:

A Fort Collins police spokesman tells the Coloradoan that revelers responded to the cops' arrival by hurling bottles at them -- a claim apparently corroborated by a tweet included in Brobible coverage:

The FC police rep insists that no tear gas was deployed, but that's contradicted by a Snapchat sent to Brobible:

Unlike past parties, no one was arrested as a result of this one. However, charges could be pressed down the line if the police are able to determine who did the hurling.

Of bottles, that is. Below, see a 7News report about the party assembled the day after.

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