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Videos: Does Homer Simpson Love the Broncos or Think They're a Joke?

Does The Simpsons icon Homer Simpson love the Denver Broncos?

Or think they're a joke?

There's video evidence that points in both directions.

This question arose after the publication of our post featuring the top ten celebrity Broncos fans.  A Facebook friend sent the following clip, in which Homer — his nominee for a real celebrity — indulges in the fantasy of being John Elway, complete with a Super Bowl touchdown dance that would do Cam Newton proud.

Too bad the TD makes the score San Francisco 56, Denver 7.

Here's that clip.

The zinger at the conclusion of this segment dovetails into another, less positive Simpsons bit with a Broncos theme.

In it, Homer's dreams of becoming the owner of the Dallas Cowboys fall short when he's given the Broncos.

As Elway and company bumble about on the Simpsons' front lawn, matriarch Marge notes that owning the Broncos is still pretty good.

Homer's reply, following an exasperated sigh: "You just don't understand football, Marge."

See that scene here.

One more thing. An enterprising web sleuth found an image from a 2005 Simpsons episode in which the TV in the family's front room shows a score of Denver 19, Seattle 14.

This didn't turn out to be much of a predictor for the 2014 Super Bowl featuring the two teams.

As we're bummed to recall, Seattle wound up on top in that debacle by a margin of 43-8.

The video's below.

We're not especially superstitious — but we'd still rather not find out there's a Simpsons image showing the score of a Broncos-Carolina Panthers game....

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