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Videos: Joshua Jackson records SWAT team rap as SWAT team moves in

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One of the key challenges for anyone entering the hip-hop business is how to establish street credibility.

But that's not an issue for Fort Collins' Joshua Jackson, nineteen -- not anymore.

Jackson, who performs under the name Adequate Advocate, created a video of a freestyle rap about a SWAT team raid...during a SWAT team raid. Get details and see the clip plus other perfectly Adequate videos below.

The bizarre tale comes to us courtesy of the Fort Collins Coloradoan. Late Monday, the paper reports, Jackson allegedly threatened his roommates with a knife, and the Fort Collins Police Department responded with an incredible show of force, including fifteen marked cop cruisers and the SWAT team's Bearcat armored vehicle.

Why? Jackson has "a history of resisting the police in the past," according to a department spokesman.

The police reportedly made numerous "loud announcements" ordering Jackson to leave the house. But instead, he pulled up his computer and improvised a rap about what was happening.

"Hey, yo, this is August 5, 2013," the verse begins. "And yo, this verse is clean and mean/And yo, the police think I'm a fiend/It's why right now, literally, they're outside my house/'Cause my roommates done did it/Done thought that I was a misfit."

Other images in the insta-composition include slit wrists, an absent mother, a suicidal grandfather and the line "I don't really give a fuck because I shut the lights out," delivered as the lights in the room are extinguished.

This strategy apparently didn't flummox the cops, though. After a few more aggressive couplets -- "Bring the motherfuckin' SWAT team/Special Weapons And Tactics operation dreams/I don't really give a fuck because I'm nineteen./And I'm not a criminal/I'm political" -- the sound of what was likely a flash-bang grenade interrupts Jackson's flow. "Oh shit!" he declares. "You heard the blast."

An exciting end to the clip -- but it's only the beginning of the legal process for Jackson, who was arrested shortly thereafter. He's due in court on August 13 -- a public appearance that should do even more to let the hip-hop community know that his shit is real!

Look below to see the video, complete with lyrics, followed by Jackson's mug shot and a slew of other clips, at least two of them uploaded as recently as Monday on his YouTube channel, freshoffthescale.

"Police are Trying to Murder Me as I Write This"

Hey, yo, this is August 5, 2013 And yo, this verse is clean and mean And yo, the police think I'm a fiend It's why right now, literally, they're outside my house 'Cause my roommates done did it Done thought that I was a misfit Done thought I had my wrists slit too many times Done thought that too many people had left my mind Done thought that mom being gone was too much and too strong And that grandpa killing himself was too much for a song And that my shit right here was too strong But I don't really give a fuck because I shut the lights out I'm-a be that nigga tryin' to run for the White House Because I love America I'm a patriot and I don't believe in these police, hateful shit And I don't believe in the secret societies I don't believe in people eyein' me and tryin' me Bring the motherfuckin' SWAT team Special Weapons And Tactics operation dreams I don't really give a fuck because I'm nineteen And I'm not a criminal I'm political And right now.... Oh shit! You heard the blast

Continue for more videos by Joshua Jackson, aka Adequate Advocate, including at least two uploaded the day of his arrest. "No Resentment Only Humility and Eternal Standing Under"

"AA Free Flow Fresh Funk"

"AA -- Medication Freestyle"

"What Are the Facts?"

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.