Videos: Peyton Manning's top five ways of losing his sh*t

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4. The Bitch is Back Manning isn't above complaining. Far from it. When he disagrees with a referee's call, he's been known to react as if the man in the striped shirt has just violated Blind Justice in unspeakable ways. His reactions have inspired the term "Manning face," which ESPN's Bill Simmons has described as a blend of frustration and disgust.

In honor of said expressions, the makers of this video reworked Lady Gaga's "Poker Face." The lyrics start like so:

He is the QB that we all just love to hate We wanna see him lose because he's just so friggin' great (That jackass) So when he fails at football he really likes to scream and pout His expressions when he sucks are what Sundays are all about

Page down to continue our countdown of Peyton Manning losing his shit.

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