Videos: Reasons 76-63 Why Colorado Is Awesome — Including Casa Bonita!

Since last October, we've been keeping you up to date on the progress of an amazing project being assembled by Chris Harrison and the folks at Videoblend: one-hundred Instagram videos that reveal 100 reasons why Colorado is awesome, issued under the AWSMColorado umbrella.

Our first collection assembled reasons 100-88, while our second, published in February, focused on reasons 87-78.

The Videoblenders have been busy since then: They're up to reason number 63 — and we're especially psyched that a celebration of Casa Bonita is included in the latest batch.

Check out all the selections from 77 to 63 below — and to see more eye-catching moments, check out the Videoblend Instagram page.

A video posted by Chris Harrison (@videoblend) on

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