Videos: Top ten TV show quotes on IMDB mentioning Colorado

Last year, we shared a post featuring ten weird movie references to Colorado, then assembled a sequel featuring ten more. But we haven't delved into TV-show quotes about Colorado...until now.

Below, see the ten favorites we found on the Internet Movie Database site, featuring programs such as The Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother -- plus not one but two appearances by Tina Fey. We've included a slew of videos, as well. Check out the one-or-more liners below.

Number 10:

How I Met Your Mother

2011 (episode title: "Field Trip"): "Oh, I'm not gonna die. I've bought a mine shaft in Colorado. I spent the past six months stocking it with canned goods, assault rifles, and all five seasons of Friday Night Lights."

Number 9:

South Park

2011 (episode title: "Marjorine"): "Now Marjorine, that's not very lady-like. Us Colorado girls love to get pounded in the snizz just like any woman but we keep it to ourselves."

Continue to keep counting down our list of the top ten TV show quotes on IMDB mentioning Colorado. Number 8:

The Andy Griffith Show

1960: "Somewhere between here and Denver is seven million dollars headed for Mayberry, and you and me and Gomer and Laura Lee Hobbs, we're gonna' receive it."

Number 7:

30 Rock

2009 (episode title: "Retreat to Move Forward"): "There's no link between diabetes and diet. That's a white myth, Ken; like Larry Bird or Colorado."

Continue to keep counting down our list of the top ten TV show quotes on IMDB mentioning Colorado. Number 6:

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

1993: "She shouldn't have to defend your appearance. You and I both know that you look nearly as odd to most of the people of Colorado Springs as you do to the citizens of Boston."

Number 5:

Criminal Minds

2008 (episode title: "The Crossing"): "Last year in Denver, a woman was being harassed by her ex-boyfriend. Cops knew who we was, but they couldn't arrest him. We didn't take that case. She was finally granted a restraining order three days after he threw acid in her face. Right now, I don't... I don't care about limited resources. I cannot make that same mistake again."

Continue to keep counting down our list of the top ten TV show quotes on IMDB mentioning Colorado. Number 4:

Married With Children

1989 (episode title: "It's a Bundyful Life"): "Something is rotten in the state of Denver."

Number 3:


1981: "Half the people in Denver have a motive for wanting to destroy Alexis."

"I don't have to bluff you, Blake. Gone are the days when you were king of my fate, when you exiled me from my children and threw me out of Denver."

Continue to keep counting down our list of the top ten TV show quotes on IMDB mentioning Colorado. Number 2:

The Big Bang Theory

2008 (episode title: "The Loobenfeld Decay"): "Of course I do. My watch is linked to the atomic clock in Boulder, Colorado. It's accurate to one-tenth of a second. But as I'm saying this, it occurs to me that you may have again been asking a rhetorical question."

Number 1: Saturday Night Live

2003 (episode host: Justin Timberlake): "The preliminary hearing in Kobe Bryant's rape trial turned ugly on Thursday when Pamela Mackey, Bryant's lawyer, "accidentally" said his accuser's name in court, violating Colorado privacy laws. And, after being admonished by the judge, Mackey went on to repeat the woman's name five times, which is really bad, cause, what lawyer Pamela Mackey did by mentioning the woman's name, is to put her at risk of further harassment. A lawyer like, Pamela Mackey, of the Colorado firm, Haddon, Morgan, Muller, George, Mackey and Foreman, which is probably in the 303 area code, should know that people can go on the internet and look up any name like Joe Smith or, I don't know, Pamela Mackey, and learn everything about them and call them and mess with them. So, be more careful, lawyer Pamela Mackey, 'cause I heard a rumor that you're a little unstable and you like to give wabblejobs to homeless guys, and I want you to focus up and win this trial. I'm Pamela Mackey. Back to you, Pamela Mackey."

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