Vincente Romero gets his Grinch on, leads police on chase after allegedly stealing toys

Sure, The Grinch Who Stole Christmas is a holiday classic. But wouldn't it be even better with a car crash and an on-foot police chase?

Judge for yourself after hearing the seasonal tale of Vincente Romero, who's accused of Grinchy behavior and vehicular mayhem that had nothing to do with a sleigh pulled by an overburdened dog.

At around 12:45 a.m. this morning, according to the Colorado Springs Police Department, an officer noticed a car zipping along Jetwing Drive at a high rate of speed. He responded by putting out a call about the vehicle, which wasn't hard to track down, given that another member of the CSPD subsequently saw it crash into a backyard fence.

As cops raced to the scene, two men tried to run away from it after ditching the car. One managed to escape, at least temporarily, but officers caught up with the second -- Romero, who, despite being 27 years old, had plenty of kids' stuff with him.

Like what? Approximately $600 worth of toys, which he and his accomplice allegedly swiped from a vehicle on the 3800 block of Patrick Drive.

Why were all these goodies in a car after midnight? Dunno -- but the cops say the mother who'd purchased them as Christmas presents for her family was elated to get them back.

Presumably less thrilled was Romero, who was booked on charges including first degree criminal trespass and possession of burglary tools. And he's been joined in custody by Jagmeet Singh, 21, who was grabbed around 5:40 a.m. He's likely to face similar counts, plus what's described as "multiple traffic offenses."

Cindy Lou Who might forgive them, but probably not a certain mom.

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