Virgin twins are two of a kind (song lyrics): Kenny Be's Yard Arteology

The study of neighbors through yard decoration.

Meet Mary who's blessed most everywhere, From Vietnam to Vatican Square. But Guadalupe is hard to know, she's just a local saint from Mexico. What a crazy pair! But they're virgins, identical virgins all the way. One pair of matching tubmates, as different as night and day...

Figure 70. Elyria-Swansea: The virgin bath.

Where Mary adores a virgin birth, a mother-cred for God's only son. Our Guadalupe loves an Aztec stroll, a taco makes her lose control. What a wild twosome.

Still they're virgins, identical virgins and you'll find. They stand alike, they pray alike, at times they even amaze alike!

You can lose your mind. When virgins are two of a kind.

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