Visit Denver...even if you already live here

An image from the Visit Denver website.

John Hickenlooper was on his second breakfast when he arrived to address the 99th annual membership meeting of the Denver Metro Convention & Visitors Bureau -- so perhaps he was overcaffeinated when he urged the hundreds of business types assembled in the Seawell ballroom to remember back when Governor Richard Lamm had said we all had a "duty to die." Although Denver is better positioned to weather the financial storm than some very economically ill cities, the mayor told the group, "We all have a duty to spend."

And Visit Denver -- the bureau's new, and much more visitor-friendly, name -- has plenty of suggestions for how you can spend both time and money this week. The city's second annual arts week starts tomorrow, when eleven arts groups join in the free "Night at the Museums" event. Other happenings continue up until November 22, when Denver will celebrate its 150th birthday with free admission at many metro attractions.

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Let them eat free cake. -- Patricia Calhoun

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