Vita Shannon cleared after schmucky dust-up with 127 Hours inspiration Aron Ralston

Suddenly, it's as if one of the most widely reported stories from late last year never happened....

We're talking about the arrest of 127 Hours inspiration Aron Ralston and his girlfriend, Vita Shannon, on domestic-violence-related allegations.

Ralston was quickly cleared of wrongdoing in the case.

And now, Shannon has been, too -- because Ralston didn't show up to court to testify against her.

As we noted in our original post, Ralston, who's in his late thirties, became an international celebrity (and the centerpiece of the Academy Award-nominated movie 127 Hours) after amputating his own arm, which became trapped during a 2003 climbing accident.

Far from slowing him down, this incident pushed Ralston into the limelight -- and plenty of it shone on him in Colorado. Back in November 2010, for instance, he introduced 127 Hours, starring James Franco as Ralston, at the Starz Denver Film Festival. As we wrote at the time, "Ralston half-apologized for being a human spoiler -- yes, he confessed, he did cut off his own arm -- before joking that he planned to reenact the film in front of the screen, Rocky Horror Picture Show-style, complete with fake blood. (That definitely would have been worth the price of admission.)"

Ralston subsequently suggested that people remain in their seats through the amputation scene, rather than staggering toward the aisle and collapsing, thereby endangering the rest of the audience -- and his joke took on added relevance when a man reportedly passed out during the screening.

We also featured Ralston in a 2011 post after he won $125,000 for the Wilderness Workshop charity on an NBC game show called Minute to Win It.

But no one won a prize for what happened this past December 7 at 642 Corona Street, an area captured in the following interactive graphic; if you have problems seeing the image, click "View Larger Map."

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The residence belonged to Shannon -- and like Ralston, she was taken into custody on one count apiece of assault and wrongs to minors. Why? He allegedly shoved her as he was leaving, while she was said to have hit him twice in the head in view of their infant daughter, reportedly after an argument over Ralston's son from his relationship with ex-wife Jessica Trusty.

At a hearing the following Monday afternoon, charges against Ralston were dismissed. But despite earlier reports that Shannon, too, was off the hook, she had her own court appointment on Thursday. When Ralston failed to turn up, though, Shannon was cleared, as well.

This resolution leaves behind only the couple's booking photos, which should offer plenty of incentive not to act like schmucks again. Look below to see those shots, followed by a clip Ralston flimed of himself while trapped in 2003.

More from our Television & Film archive circa November 2010: "Starz Denver Film Festival: James Franco, Aron Ralston make 127 Hours go by just like that."

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.