Von Miller scores as mentor on NFL Films

The worth of athletes is so highly quantified -- by their physical measurements, their stats, their contracts, the numbers on their backs -- that it's easy to take football players for granted as tools designed specifically to dominate the gridiron. Easily overlooked is the hard work and personal sacrifice offered by the most talented players in order to dominate. As they say, hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard; if one guy doesn't give 100 percent, somebody else will.

In front of the cameras, football players are in the service of the fans, the people who ultimately pay their salaries. If on-field performance is the only lens through which we see these gladiators, though, we miss out on arguably the most important part of their character they have to offer. What's more, we miss out on the work that lays the foundation for the final product we see on Sunday. This is why features like "Everything to Prove" are important.

In "Everything to Prove," NFL films and Gatorade follow eleven rookie athletes as they adjust to the rigorous life of an NFL athlete. Act VIII, Episode 1 features Chargers linebacker Melvin Ingram working with his mentor, friend and Broncos linebacker Von Miller, in preparation for their week 6 match-up. Though the two are soon to be pitted against each other in fierce competition, it doesn't stop them from helping each other off the field, showing that more important than the scoreboard on any given week is the never-ending journey toward athletic perfection.

Catch "Everything to Prove"'s monthly updates to keep tabs on your favorite rookies.

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Noah Hubbell