Voting in Denver will cost you 61 cents -- or more

I've been looking for a second stamp for a week so that I could mail in my ballot in today's election. I had one stamp, which I affixed to the large yellow-brown ballot I got in the mail. But then I saw the note that said mailing the ballot would cost 61 cents. I can't find another stamp.

Why does it have to cost 61 cents? It's not like there are a lot of initiatives on this ballot. It's not like they couldn't have fit the whole damn thing on an index card! There's a school board election and one measure, I-300. Do they really need us all to pay 61 cents to mail it in? My only option now is to drive my ballot to the Wellington Webb Building on West Colfax Avenue and drop it off in person.

But that will cost me too. If -- and that's a big IF -- I can find a parking spot, I have to pay 25 cents at least to park at a meter. A free society: It's an expensive proposition.

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