Wake-Up Call: New jobs for Andrew Romanoff

On November 5, the day after Democrats scored such a stunning upset in Colorado, I spotted affable, outgoing Colorado House of Representatives speaker Andrew Romanoff at the Saucy Noodle, of all places. He was on the phone with Bernie Buescher, the Grand Junction rep who'd looked to be next in line as speaker -- until he lost his seat on November 4.

Six weeks later, Romanoff was one of three finalists for the Colorado Secretary of State's job -- and lost it to Buescher. And last week, he lost Ken Salazar's U.S. Senate slot to Michael Bennet.

But at least there are still some jobs open in Colorado.

Coach of the Denver Broncos, for example. If Romanoff could hold together a bunch of bickering legislators, he can certainly handle a football team. (And, yes, that's my quote at the end of Penny Parker's column today.)

And I also hear there's a slot available at Denver Public Schools, since superintendent Bennet is now headed to Washington, D.C. (And we don't think Mike Shanahan is up for that job.)

But after having cleaned out his office and said his farewells at the State Capitol yesterday, the private sector might be looking pretty good to Romanoff. At this point, he's the political epitome of always a bridesmaid... -- Patricia Calhoun

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