Wake-Up Call: Rico Munn appointment no trial balloon

Okay, so Falcon Heene was never in the balloon. But why wasn't he in school yesterday?

That's a question for Rico Munn, who's done good work during his two years as executive director of the Department of Regulatory Affairs, and yesterday was appointed by Governor Bill Ritter to head the Colorado Department of Higher Education. The education slot, vacated in August by former Congressman David Skaggs, is a good fit for Munn, a lawyer who served on the state Board of Education for five years, representing the 1st Congressional District. (I once moderated an education panel that included Munn, and he was definitely the best part of the program.)

"This is a crucial time for higher education, as we embark on a long-term master-planning process," Ritter said in making the announcement. "Rico's keen intellect and strong leadership skills make him an ideal advocate for higher education and a perfect fit for this new role." If Munn can rein in the wild array of professions and programs that fall under DORA, he should be able to get a handle on the myriad problems that face Colorado's educators, including fast-shrinking financial resources.

Now, if he can just find out why Falcon wasn't in school yesterday....

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