Walker Stapleton, gubernatorial candidate.
Walker Stapleton, gubernatorial candidate.

Walker Stapleton Wants You to Know He's Serving the Public, Too

Walker Stapleton will be doing his civic duty today.

While Jared Polis, the Democratic candidate who defeated Republican Stapleton in November, will be sworn in as the next Colorado governor this morning, Stapleton will also be serving the public: on jury duty.

In a tweet, Stapleton says he would like to be at the State Capitol for the ceremony, but instead will be "reading outdated People and Newsweek magazines at the Arapahoe Justice Center."

There might even be some outdated copies of Westword, including the Year in Review issue, which highlighted the blue sneakers that Polis wore all the way to the governor's office.

The video Stapleton posted shows that the Republican has a sense of humor that might have been an asset to his campaign if he'd just shared it with the public. In fact, if he'd shared anything with the public, his campaign might have done better. (Gubernatorial candidate Stapleton was notorious for avoiding repeated interview requests, and once hightailed it away from Westword's editor.)

But at least Stapleton isn't shy about sharing his new beard and his commitment to serving the public.

Happy inauguration day, Walker Stapleton!

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