Wanda James and Scott Durrah have a new edibles company

When Scott Durrah and Wanda James sold their dispensary, Apothecary of Colorado, in July, they talked about opening a medical marijuana edibles company. Six months later, Simply Pure is in business.

According to James, the move to edibles was a natural progression for her and Durrah, the executive chef/owner of 8 Rivers, the Caribbean restaurant in LoDo. The husband-and-wife entrepreneurs say their edibles are made from pure bud, not trimmed sugar leaves -- which other edible companies use. "With that, we can then guarantee potency, consistency," James explains. "Every time you have one of our edibles, it will affect you the same way."

While Simply Pure focuses on sativa-heavy and indica-heavy foods, they aren't strain-specific, James notes. The edibles are made with food-grade hash as well as medicated coconut oil, and are available in nearly a dozen dispensaries around town. Simply Pure works with Full Spectrum Labs to test its products for both potency and contaminates, once at the raw plant level, and again when the plant is turned into hash. The edibles are tested a third time for potency when the product is finished.

Jake Browne, manager of the Releaf Center in Highland, says the center decided to carry Simply Pure based on the scientific approach that James and Durrah took. "For us, it was about the consistency," he explains. "They brought us more test results than samples, which told us they were approaching this from a completely different angle."

I've had Durrah's cooking in the past, and the man knows his way around the kitchen. I haven't tried anything from Simply Pure yet, but I'll offer a full review in the next few weeks.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.