One of the fliers posted near New Covenant church. Additional images and a video below.
One of the fliers posted near New Covenant church. Additional images and a video below.

Warnings KKK Is Targeting Black Church Allegedly Posted by Black Suspect

It sounds a bit like the Dave Chappelle sketch about a blind white supremacist who doesn't realize he's actually black.

But according to police, it actually happened in Colorado Springs.

That's where members of a historically black church have been terrorized for weeks by racist messages referencing the Klu Klux Klan and featuring phrases such as "BLACK MEN BE AWARE, YOU ARE THE TARGET."

Now, however, the Colorado Springs Police Department has made an arrest in the case — and the suspect, Vincent Broughton, is black.

New Covenant church.
New Covenant church.

According to KOAA-TV, a couple of the fliers showed up on trees and the like outside New Covenant Church Of God In Christ in downtown Colorado Springs on June 14.

Here are two more examples of fliers found nearby.

This was worrisome enough. But then, on June 17, nine people were murdered at a black church in Charleston, South Carolina.

Moreover, the white gunman,  Dylann Roof, confessed that he committed the crimes because he wanted to start a race war.

Against this backdrop, even more fliers showed up near New Covenant the next Sunday, June 21.

On top of references to the KKK, some of the messages alluded to Colorado Springs officials, including Colorado Springs Police Chief Pete Carey, as seen in the image at the top of this post, and former Springs mayor Steve Bach, whose name appears at the top of this placard along with plenty of others:

After the fliers popped up again on the 21st, church representatives contacted the cops.

Then, yesterday, came a break in the case.

Officers were notified of a man posting signs in the downtown area, the CSPD notes.

Upon their arrival at the scene, they arrested Broughton, 44, on suspicion of disorderly conduct, harassment, littering and bias-motivated crime.

This last allegation may be tough to prove, since his bias in the case presumably would be against black people — a group of which he's a member.

Broughton received a summons and has been given a future court date.

Look below to see Broughton's booking photos, the KOAA-TV report broadcast before his arrest and, just for fun, the aforementioned Dave Chappelle skit.

Vincent Broughton.
Vincent Broughton.
Colorado Springs Police Department
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