Washington Park porch perch over a personal parallel universe: Kenny Be's Yard Arteology

Yard Arteology: The study of neighbors through lawn ornaments... The unhappy face of the little black doggy seen in the picture above hints that the epic front-yard parallel universe created by his porch-swinging overlord may be a bit of a disappointment, if not an epic fail... The replacement of the traditional lawn with a pile of mossy rocks and a hobbit bridge suggests that this is the home of an allegorical yard artist. That the bridge leads to nowhere and is constructed with an elf-high railing further intimates that this is a yard-art creation for beings of a parallel universe.

The oversize hammock strung across the porch insinuates that the yard artist lies in wait hoping to see if his "crossing to the other side" will attract a multitude of pixies, brownies and sprites. To the right of the photograph, tree stumps placed in a circle hint that the hammock-swinging overlord desires to expand his "council of kinship" by inviting passersby to enter into his ring.

The photograph below reveals that the hanging angle of the hammock is determined more by reality than fantasy. Hiding in the shadow of the porch pillar pictured above, the galactic mailbox painting confirms the yard artist's obsession with a parallel universe. The weight and shape of the hanging hammock sack behind the mailbox implies that it is filled with books, and that much of the time spent perched on this porch is spent in the altered reality of reading.

The trio of Kokopellis positioned around the sun-faced throwing stars in the porch-stoop planters demonstrate that the porch swinger living in this Wash Park house does not particularly care for winter and hopes that the flute players will perform as promised and chase away the reality of winter.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.