We Ain’t Gonna Stop

Here is the podcast of the in-studio radio interview I did Saturday with Greg Hollenback of 850 KOA. The topic was this week’s Westword cover story on graffiti. I talked briefly about the culture, history and lingo of the scene, while callers predictably accused me and Hollenback of glorifying vandalism.

But things got hot in the second segment when graffiti writer ERA, one of the subjects of the article, got verbally tsk-tsked by one matronly listener that went on to screech at the teenager: “YOU’RE AN IDIOT, ERA! YOU’RE AN IDIOT!”

Not to have the spotlight hogged, KOZE, the leader of Denver’s TKO crew, called in to the show with tagger protégé KIER hoping to speak their minds, but ended up cursing Hollenback after the host went on the offense. It was pure talk radio, concluded by one very quotable declaration by KOZE: “We ain’t gonna stop. We ain’t gonna go nowhere. It doesn’t matter how stiff the penalties are; it could be a felony, whatever – prison time. We’re gonna keep doing this regardless. So whatever they want to bring to the table, we’ll put up with anything.”

Fellow talk host Peter Boyles, himself a very recent victim of a malicious poster parody , plans to pick up where Hollenback left off tomorrow morning at 8 in the morning on 630 KHOW (on the AM dial), when he will be talking with me about the article and Denver’s graffiti scene.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.