Westword Gets Back to the Future

The following are five reasons why Dr. Terry Grossman and Ray Kurzweil – subjects of this week’s cover story -- want to live forever (as taken from Kurzweil’s Wikipedia entry). A little creepy? Well, then read on for Westword’s preview of the WORLD OF TOMORROW and ten of our own reasons for seeking immortal life. Have any other reasons we should want to live forever? Feel free to add them below.

2010 Cell phones will be built into clothing and will be able to project sounds directly into the ears of their users.

2020s Virtual reality will be so high-quality that it will be indistinguishable from real reality.

2030s Using brain nanobots, recorded or real-time brain transmissions of a person's daily life known as "experience beamers" will be available for other people to remotely experience. This is very similar to how the characters in the movie Being John Malkovich were able to enter the mind of Malkovich and see the world through his eyes.

2040s Human body 3.0 is gradually implemented during this decade. It lacks a fixed, corporeal form and can alter its shape and external appearance at will via foglet-like nanotechnology.

2045: The Singularity The Singularity occurs as artificial intelligence surpass human beings as the smartest and most capable life forms on the Earth. Technological development is taken over by the machines, who can think, act and communicate so quickly that normal humans cannot even comprehend what is going on.


1) Scientists will discover a cure for your internet porn addiction. More porn!

2) Housecleaning robots? Boring. Kinky sex robots? Yes please!

3) Your great-great-great-great-great grand kids will be enthralled by your tales of unbelievable relics of yesteryear such as Crocs and Hummers.

4) Barack Obama’s great-great grand daughter becomes the first female President of the United States.

5) You are there when Dippin’ Dots changes from the “Ice Cream of the Future” to the “Ice Cream of the Present.”

6) One word: Hoverboards.

7) We actually will build cities out of rock n roll.

8) Pizza no longer fattening.

9) Red Sox fans shall celebrate the return of the cryogenically frozen head of Ted Williams, until it's signed by the Yankees.

10) Segways will finally become cool. – Joel Warner

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