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Reader: Denver Is a Sanctuary City but Treats Its Homeless Like Garbage

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The strategy might have worked in other states, but not in Colorado. Republicans got word this week that their anti-immigration rhetoric leading up to the midterms might have cost them some elections. The Global Strategy Group poll "surveyed over 600 Colorado voters and showed significantly more support for pro-immigrant rhetoric put forth by Democratic candidates than support for anti-immigrant rhetoric promoted by Republicans," writes Conor McCormick-Cavanagh.

Readers have plenty of opinions about immigration and its effect on the election.

Says Cody:
There was no blue wave, more like a toilet flush. Step out of your damn cities and join the rest of the world.
Whitney explains:
I don't understand why so many in Denver want it to be a sanctuary city, but then turn around and treat our homeless CITIZENS AND VETERANS like garbage (literally throwing their items in dumpsters).
Rick argues:
Westword can't tell the difference between legal immigration and illegal immigration? It's utter nonsense that those adjectives are not being used in this "editorial." Sloppy journalism. Subtle hint: Mrs. Trump is a legal immigrant that took the oath of citizenship. Agree with Whitney...Citizens and veterans need to be taken care of first,and Denver should not be a sanctuary city.
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The gubernatorial race provided a prime example of just how largely the anti-immigrant strategy failed for Republicans. More than half of Colorado voters who were polled felt that strong support for President Donald Trump's immigration stance was a reason to vote against Republican Walker Stapleton and candidates like him.

The results weren't as stark in the race for the 6th District congressional seat, where Democrat Jason Crow beat Republican incumbent Mike Coffman. In the months before the election, Coffman's campaign had promoted his engagement with immigrant populations in his district.

"Coffman was slightly different. He tried to play up his support for DREAMers and his opposition to family separation. But in the end, his record spoke for itself," says Tyler Moran, director of Immigration Hub, who points to Coffman's record of supporting Trump in almost 96 percent of his votes.

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