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Reader: Why Are We Punishing the Homeless?

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For the fourth year in a row, Colorado legislators killed a bill that would have protected a person's right to rest, sleep or eat in public (with some exceptions). It was a devastating blow to the homeless community, many of whom testified at an eight-hour hearing at the Capitol on Wednesday, March 14.

The Right to Rest bill, as it was known, died 10-3 in a committee that notoriously killed last year's version of the bill. Advocates who testified for the bill included the ACLU of Colorado; law enforcement agencies and city officials from around the state testified against it. Our readers, however, tend to support the proposal. Says Chris:
Seriously. WTF is wrong with this city? Rent doubles in two years, homeless people are increasing, not decreasing, and our collective answer is to punish them more? How about a little compassion? I'm going to guess that the people who voted this down likely claim some sort of religious belief, too. SMDH.
Adam responds:
Has anyone been downtown? Law or not they sleep, shit, and use drugs everywhere and make the place terrible.
Buster asks:
Jeeeez, why are we punishing the homeless? One day these public policies will hit home with the jerks who made them. Blue juice when we can't pay our taxes??!!
Concludes Richard:
You can practically smell the white privilege!
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